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Most cowgirls either ride in rodeos or like to watch them. There are all different sorts of events that entertain the crowd with each one rooted in farm labor. Cowboys show off their skills in handling cattle and horses. It’s like no sporting event you have ever seen!

The Events

Not every rodeo is the same! Generally, you’ll see bull riding, saddle and/or bareback bronc riding, roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing, and some others. They’re fast and exciting to watch. Each requires a considerable amount of skill. These fearless cowboys and cowgirls have strength, coordination, and balance.

Outside of the events, there’s entertainment like clown performances and kid games. You can expect to either be on the edge of your seat or laughing with the clown.

Check out some of the events:

There’s no shortage of courage here.

Some prefer bulls, while others like the broncs.

Breakaway roping is fun for cowgirls to participate in.

Barrel racing gets the crowd clapping like crazy. Nellie Miller puts on a good show!

After you attend a few rodeos, you’ll likely develop a favorite event.