Extreme Mustang Makeover

Since 2007, the Extreme Mustang Makeover has been an opportunity for trainers to show off their abilities to train wild horses. This competition consists of 100 trainers from all across the United States. They select a mustang and have four months to prepare for the ultimate show.

Jacqueline Donahue Zacharias entered the competition after much thought and prayer. Through an online auction, she selected a small red mare for $200. Roughly 300 horses were presented with some going as high as $6,000. The mare Jacqueline won was 3 years old and from Fort Worth, Texas. She named her “One Chance Fancy”.

During her time with Fancy, Jacqueline was able to halter and saddle train this originally fearful mustang. She spent between three and four hours a day working with her. Fancy received a 1st place in “Handling and Conditioning” and overall came out 6th at the end of the challenge.

After the competition, the mustangs are auctioned off. Fancy went from a $200 horse to worth $10,000. 50% off the sale proceeds go to the Mustang Heritage Foundation to help them bring awareness to these horses.

Talk about an incredible journey. This little mare and her trainer did amazing! Now, check it out:


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