Wild Horse Espresso, a mobile coffee trailer based in Montana, is on a mission to bring cowgirls their coffee from anywhere.

What do they say about coffee? Oh yeah, it comes first. Before anything. One gal who really gets the importance of a great cup of coffee to start your day is Kayla Mann, owner of Wild Horse Espresso.

“I wanted to make coffee for the western industry I love so much,” Mann says about how Wild Horse Espresso came to be, “One day it just popped into my head while searching for a spot to put a stand. ‘What if I just stuck a stand in the horse trailer?'”

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Mann knows a thing or two about coffee as she worked in various shops from the minute she could get a job – it was a constant in her life. The other constant? Horses and the western and agriculture industry.

Stephannie Camosse Photo

Working on a racetrack then behind the chutes in rodeo media, Mann was a full on, self-described “horse girl” whose passion would follow her around, eventually becoming an inspiration for Wild Horse Espresso. Her logo pays homage to both her first horse Cowboy, and her heart horse, a mustang named Chief.

“Wild Horse was named after Chief and all wild ponies,” Mann says, “I think we owe those horses a lot more than the western world likes to believe. The grit, stamina, pride, all of what is a wild horse is what won us the West…I’m really hoping that I can use this little business to bring awareness to these animals [] all over a good cup of coffee.”