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If you have been keeping up with Hurricane Florence, you already know that it has caused much destruction. If you are one of the many people wondering if the wild horses in North Carolina were able to withstand the storm, we have some good news! A handful of the prominent wild horse groups have taken to social media to announce the safety of their respective groups of wild horses.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund announced on Friday that the Corolla horses are safe, “Here on the northern Outer Banks we are breathing a sigh of relief today. There may still be some coastal flooding over the weekend, but nothing worse than a regular storm or nor’easter. The horses are doing their normal thing – grazing, socializing, and wondering what us crazy humans are all worked up over.”

The Ocracoke ponies also fared well during Florence. Cape Hatteras National Seashore took to Facebook to share the good news, “We are happy to announce that all of the Ocracoke ponies are safe and that the pony pen did not sustain any damage from Hurricane Florence.”

Concern has still lingered over the safety of the Shackleford horses, as no one has yet been able to assess their situation in the aftermath of the hurricane. However, an encouraging update came from Cape Lookout National Seashore where it was reported that a group of Shackleford horses were seen wading through the surf and feeding.

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