PC: Breyer Horses……

Picasso is a celebrity of sorts! Photographers and mustang enthusiasts follow his every move through Facebook groups and other social media platforms. Tourists travel hundreds of miles to catch a glimpse of this handsome steed. His beauty has been painted on canvas, captured on camera, recorded in songs, and written in poems. There’s no denying it- he’s one of a kind!

Who is Picasso?

One of the world’s most famous wild horses, Picasso is a stallion of the Sand Wash Basin in northwest Colorado. Known for his beautiful pinto color, he really does resemble a painting. He’s estimated to be nearly 30 years old and his body shows it. Picasso has fought numerous battles and survived harsh weather elements. He’s a true representation of determination, perseverance, and bravery.


With his age catching up to him, Picasso roams alone. He is unable to hold onto any mares. Recent pictures show the stallion to be skinny and worn-out. Some suggests he be adopted, while other fans disagree.

Life in the wild isn’t easy. Enjoy these moments of Picasso captured by true fans and photographers.

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