Left photo courtesy of Wandering Rose Co, right photo courtesy of Western Couture and Dual Imagery€â€¦

The term “wild rag” might be something that’s just a little off the wall, but I can promise you that you’re about to become very familiar with it!

You’re probably used to seeing those punchy cowboys sporting the silk accessories, like in the photo above. I’d like to be the first to say that Alix is definitely bringing this look more beauty than any ol’ cowboy ever thought about doing!

But, this specific accessory is on the rise and some of the leading ladies of the western fashion industry are coming up with different ways to show them off.

Want to add a little extra something to your handbag? Try this!

Whitney from Western Couture, on the far right, is giving a throwback vibe with her rag tied off to the side.

Sport it the old fashion way…with a little flair of course! These wild rags that were usually seen in more muted tones are now available in every color and print you could possibly want.

Need a little extra something to act as jewelry? Mix it with those hat pins from Prairie Sky Jewelry Co and this look is perfect!

Add some flair to your hair!

What do you think about wild rags?