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Fashionistas update their wardrobes with new heels…but cowgirls keep it current by purchasing new wild rags.

Wild rags are a necessity for any hardworking cowgirl. They’re also a great investment for people in the western show world who compete in classes such as ranch riding, where competitors are required to dress the part of a working cowgirl.

If you don’t have a wild rag yet, browse the selection below to find one that suits your individual needs.

Buck Wild Kaw-Liga Wild Rag
Sale Price: $35.

Buck Wild Georgette Wild Rag
Sale Price: $35.

Buck Wild Grace Wild Rag
Sale Price: $35.

Wyoming Traders Wild Rag Paisley Pink
Sale Price: $20.

Wyoming Traders Black Wild Rag with Brands
Sale Price: $18.

Wyoming Traders Wild Rag Turquoise Silk Jacquard
Sale Price: $32.

Wyoming Traders Wild Rag Calico Berry Red
Sale Price: $18.

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