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Some yoga poses are hard enough on a mat, but these yogis took it to the next level on horseback! They’re able to get in some pretty unique positions. Talk about balance! Yoga is a great form of exercise for riders, and can be even more helpful on the back of a horse. It offers increased flexibility and helps reduce stress!

This pose takes incredible balance! @chelseasyoga recommends finding a point on the horse’s hindquarters to stare at.

Talk about arm strength and balance! This one is called the straddle lift.

Another great example of stamina, balance, and strength. WOW!

Let’s admire this horse for a moment! He’s standing so quietly with nothing but a neck rope.

Can you say peace and tranquility… Yoga on horseback is beautiful to watch.

If you’re interested in giving yoga a try, don’t worry there’s plenty of beginner poses. You can even start on the ground or at home.