Cowgirl - Cactus Flower Collection

It’s no secret people are going ca-razy for anything adorned with cactus print! Hey, I’m drinking the cactus kool-aid too. So when I ran across the newest, “Cactus Flower” collection from Wildfox, my heart started to flutter a bit. It’s a super simple and chic print that they’ve transformed into some really flattering silhouettes. There’s something for everyone here, including three different dress styles, a flared pant, a halter top and a romper. The three dress styles are my favorites because they would look killer with any kind of boot and tons of turquoise…ahhh the possibilities!

You can shop each item with the link provided next to each image! Enjoy and tell you’re credit card I’m sorry I made you do it! Ha 😛

Cactus Flower Ruffle Dress