Photo Taken By: Primo Morales……

If you’re an avid Team Roper or a lover of a Cowhorse, then you’ve probably meet or heard of Garrell and Preston Williams. They are the proud owners of Preston Williams Hardware. However, this isn’t your average silversmith one man show. They both work together to create their masterpieces.

Garrell and Preston meet in 2014 at a round robin birthday party for a mutual friend. The two have been together since, and manage to touch everyone around them. “When I meet Preston he was dabbling in making bits, mainly equipment for himself,” recalls Garrell.

They now have a very unique way of creating their bits for their customers. Preston cuts and creates all the hardware, while Garrell is the artistic one and places the silver. “The silver design is really a artistic outlet for me,” says Garrell. With the help of Preston and his long time mentor Gordy Alderson, he has taught Garrell all she knows. “Preston builds the bit, spur or “hardware”. I’m responsible for everything to do with the silver up to the engraving. His engraving is really beautiful.”

The two of them call home in Casa Grande, Arizona. Garrell and Preston show in many associations, and have made multiple champions together. Preston spends a lot of his time making rope horses for the public, while Garrell can be found with her cowhorses or bottle calves.

Always looking to better their work, they have recently been working with Kim Parkey to improve and learn. “Being involved in the whole process from start to finish is so satisfying,” says Garrell.

The business has enabled them to live their lifestyle full of horses, traveling, shows, and cattle. “The people we meet and the repeat clients make it all the more fun too.”

Their hardware has been used by the best in the industry. “We get to make equipment for my heroes,” Garrell says. “To see our stuff used by the best is incredibly gratifying. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.”