Cowgirl - Willow Creek Designs

It doesn’t get much better than Willow Creek Designs when it comes to western accessories and their Spring 2016 collection is nothing short of amazing. Not only is the jewelry handmade from start to finish in the Texas hill country, but the business is owned by a hard working girl boss. We’ve got to support our fell lady-prenuers, am I right?!

What makes this newest collection so special is their combination of beautiful stones, mixed with rustic leather and sterling silver details. The finished product is so stunning, western retailers are knocking down doors to get their hands on them!

While turquoise is my first and true love, Willow Creek Designs uses so much more than just that. Aquamarine, coral and genuine pearls are just a few of the stones they incorporate into their designs. Oh, and don’t tell turquoise, but I’ve started a love affair with their amazonite necklaces. Hubba, hubba! Be still my heart.

So if you’re into handmade jewelry, fringe and just general cuteness, consider in investing in a piece from Willow Creek Designs! This Spring 2016 collection is coming soon, so visit to find a retailer near you! Take a peek!

#AC Adventurine Collar