Wine popsicles
Wine popsicles
Recipe and photo by Cravings In Amsterdam

Looking for a cold and icy treat? Wine popsicles or “winesicles” are just what you need in your life. Pair your favorite fruits with wine and/or rosé. Grab the girls, get ready to gossip and unwind after a long day of work.

Grapefruit rosé popsicles with a hint of elderflower are gorgeous and flavorful. Add edible flowers for additional color and presentation.

Recipe and photo by Brewing Happiness

Rosé pairs well with so many fruits. Try these apricot peach grapefruit rosé popsicles. Serve them alone or dip them into a small glass of rosé.

Recipe and photo by Jennifer Meyering

Peach wine pops are made with just four ingredients. Add sliced peaches to your favorite white wine with peach schnapps and a little sweetener.

Recipe and photo by Spoonful Of Flavor

If you enjoy the indulgence of an occasional chocolate covered strawberry, make these chocolate dipped strawberry red wine popsicles.  Red wine and chocolate are a famous, combination, so you know these have to be amazing.

Recipe and photo by A Cookie Named Desire

Enjoy rich plum and wine popsicles. It’s as simple as pairing plums with your favorite pinot noir!

Have you tried making wine pops before?