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Winter Fashion Feature: Attention To Detail

A closer look at this year's winter trends reveal it's all about texture, denim, and details.

December 15, 2017

Winter fashion has never looked so good! Jean Jacket, Wrangler, contact Wrangler for pricing,

Textures, denim, and details are the smart things to look for in a stand-out style that is comfortable and contemporary.


Faux fur vest, $49.95, shirt, $36.95, both Ariat,

Jeans by Rock & Roll Cowgirl, $79,

Boots by Old Gringo, $469,

Power Flower

Top, Miss Me, $54,

Jeans, Ariat, $65,

Boots, Old Gringo, $499,

Blue Bayou

Top, Ryan Michael, $165,

Jeans, Grace in LA, $82,

Boots, Corral, $219,

Green Goddess

Dress, Stetson, $96,

Bang ankle shortie, Lane, $250,

Earrings, Double J Saddlery, $65,

Blake Outback

Shirt, $44, Vest, $77, both Outback Trading Co.,

Jeans, Cruel Denim, $80,

Boots, Dan Post, $230,

Tuff & Grace

Top, Grace in LA, $89,

Jeans, Cowgirl Tuff, $95,

Boots, Corral, $219,

Black Beauty

Top, Stetson, $42,

Skirt, Stetson, $42,

Boots, Ariat, $250,

Grace Wrangler

Jacket, Grace in LA, $89,

Jeans, Wrangler, $59,

Boots, Corral, $218,

Photos by Ken Amorosano.

Styled by Rhiannon Deremo.

Cowgirl Hotlist
Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!