Winterizing Horse Barn
Winterizing Horse Barn
Make sure your barn is ready. Winter is coming!

Temperatures are quickly dropping. It’s only a matter of time before winter is in full effect. Keep your barn warm by winterizing it before the cold strikes. By preparing ahead of time for snow and chilly air, you can guarantee your horse will stay happy and healthy through the winter season. Follow these tips and you’ll be on the right track!

1) Check doors and windows: Make sure that each door and window latches correctly. There shouldn’t be broken glass or large holes. You want to eliminate drafty areas. Some ventilation is necessary though, so make sure you have a controllable source of fresh air.

2) Clean out cobwebs: Cobwebs can become a major fire hazard. Remove them from walkways, stalls, and your hay loft.

3) Reliable water source: A drinkable source of water is necessary throughout the winter. Exposed piping might need to be insulated. Get in the habit of bringing the hose into a heated area after each use. Your horse may need a heated bucket. Their water should be free of ice. Encourage them to drink by placing a salt lick in their stall.

4) Stock up on hay: Don’t be left without hay this winter. Your horse will be eating it at a much faster rate when temperatures drop and grass is dead. Your hay supplier might run out if you wait too long.

5) Move horses around: If you have empty stalls, it’s a good idea to keep all of your horses in one section of the barn. Their combined body heat can help them stay warm.

6) Get blankets ready: Blanket bars or hooks should be installed in easily accessible places. If you plan to blanket this year, make sure you have at least two blankets per horse. You’ll need to change them out if one becomes damp or dirty.

7) Use heat with caution: Heaters should be carefully inspected each year. They should be designed for your intended use.

Winterizing your barn doesn’t have to be hard, but it sure does make a difference!