Photo by Audrey Hall.……

Wise words from cowgirl Reata Brannaman go a long way.

Reata grew up on her family ranch raising and training horses. In high school, she bought her own stallion and began raising her own line of ranch horses; it was this big step that launched her into the world of marketing and selling ranch horses to the public. While attending Montana State University for her degree in marketing, she began to teach the colt-starting program for the university.

This lady has oodles of advice for cowgirls and she isn’t shy about sharing it! Here are some wise words from Reata Brannaman:

On patience

“Patience is a valuable tool. A tool that carries true with every horse you work with, every heifer pair you pair out, every time your significant other tells you to make your circle and then is gone for several hours and your only option is to sit and wait it out.”

On relationships

“My only advice for anyone that hasn’t had their ‘lucky streak’ yet in the relationship department, THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT! Never say never and always be ready. Guard your heart but keep your mind open. Never settle for less than you deserve, And if they let you rope the whole branding and don’t make you work the ground, they probably love you ? that’s a love language too.”

On “all natural” horses

“Since when do perfect looks and slick hair and perfect color count for more than a horse that has seen everything, done everything, had long sweaty dirty days, been sore from hard work and maybe has a little extra hair on their body to keep them warm in the winter?”

On stud stalls

“In a pinch…. a stud stall can be used as a slant load trailer for all the ponies.”

On travel

“Here’s to new adventures and new country to ride.”

On long days of riding

“There is nothing quite like long days and wet saddle blankets.”

On shopping

“I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but just go ahead and buy the pony.”