"Cowgirl Magazine" - Witch Hazel

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Witch Hazel

Horse owners are always looking for alternatives that are natural and safe to use on their horses for various ailments. Witch hazel is a plant that can be used as an astringent. It is found at your local drugstore. Many people use it to treat themselves for various skin issues. Recently, it has been gaining a lot of attention for its usefulness at the barn. Your horse might be a good candidate for this relatively safe product.

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1. Bruises: Witch hazel has been shown to treat bruises in horses. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that makes it great for bumps. Apply a soaked washcloth on the area for 10 minutes. Do this, minimally, once per day.

2. Bug Bites: It also has properties that make it an anti-itch solution. You can apply it directly to the bite to relieve itching immediately. Try putting some in the inside of your horse’s ears to decrease his discomfort from gnats.

3. Liniment: This product can be used under standing wraps to prevent stocking up in horses. It will also soothe sore muscles. Mix with water and store liniment to cut down on expenses. Don’t be afraid to use it on your own sore muscles after a ride.

4. Stains: Grass or manure stains easily clean up with a little witch hazel. Put a tiny bit directly on the hair to help lift the discoloration.

5. Hair Regrowth: Some people claim that this product helps prevent hair loss and encourages regrowth. Try dabbing a little bit on bald spots twice daily.

You should use not give witch hazel internally to your horse. Avoid using it on open wounds, as well. While it should be used with caution, it is actually quite safe to use on skin, both for horses and people.