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Andrea Hall has completed an intensive two year training program with extensive hands-on experience to understand how to translate the wisdom of the horse into a language you can understand — and use to change your life. The method she uses is known as the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and it relies on the understanding that you contain all the answers within you and that a coach assisted by a horse can help you find those answers and bring them to the surface. Once they are out in the open, the co-coaching team of Andrea and her horses will help you experience the process of letting go of old behavior patterns and limiting beliefs while replacing them with new expansive concepts that will serve you as you move forward through your life.

Before beginning her Equine Gestalt career, Andrea worked as a high-powered criminal defense attorney for over 16 years specializing in sex offenses and domestic violence. Growing up, she had always been attracted to horses and yearned to be with them. Although she grew up in the city, she would visit her farming relatives and would immediately go to see the horses. She began a training program to combine her passion for helping people with her love for horses. However, only 2 months into her training, a brain tumor was discovered that required emergency surgery. Andrea vowed to do something different with her life, and has now been a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach for 6 years.

Equine Gestalt is a therapeutic technique, but you don’t need to be a therapist to use it. Gestalt means “wholeness”, and it is Andrea’s goal to help her clients improve their lives. She works with clients on healing past traumas so they can have what they want here and now in the present moment. She says that these past traumatic events can cause clients to have problems in their present life.

Andrea and her husband live in Eaton, Colorado on 48 acres where she runs Withers Whisper, LLC. She has 9 horses that she owns and uses in her EGC work. She has written and co-authored 3 books and would love to share how horses and her journey can help people heal!