I’m on a vintage kick, y’all! Women in Wrangler had it going on back in the day! From prints and patterns, to different cuts and colors, they had everything an 80’s baby could want.

Anything that comes in a wine color makes me happy.

Oh, the days of color coordinating. I always hear the stories from the ladies in my family about how they had “one in every color and the matching top and shoes.”

If y’all have been following along with my blog, then you know that I just recently discovered an obsession with mustard yellow, thanks to my new Charlie 1 Horse hat. Needless to say, these women in Wrangler are feeding that obsession!

She is SLAYING this look! There is just something about those 90’s girls!

I think these polkadots and striped patterns have my heart. If I was a mama during that day and age, these looks definitely would’ve been my first choice.

I LOVE their slogan from years ago: “You have to look for the ‘W’ because it’s silent.”

Can I be the new Lady Wrangler? Please??! This main look really isn’t too far off from what women are wearing today. Thank goodness it’s all coming back around!

Goals for myself in 30 years. Period!