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Cowgirls, are you looking to try something fun and adventurous? Mounted archery may be the perfect discipline for you. These ladies are modern-day warriors! Most get started because of their love for archery and horseback riding. They learn on the ground and work their way up to the saddle. Eventually, they’re good enough for competitions and performances!

Mounted Archery Riders

Here’s an amazing rider! She’s combined mounted archery and trick riding for the ultimate performance.

Once confident enough, riders can increase their speed to a canter or gallop!

The discipline can be practiced year round, even in the snow. This gives riders a chance to bring out their gorgeous wool outfits.

This talented duo worked their way up to a jump shot.

Mounted archery is for all riders- no matter what your age or skill level!

Are you convinced to give it a try? You can learn more at the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas.