Womens Rodeo World Championship -WCRA- Hope Thompson - Breakaway - Arlington Texas - November -COWGIRL Magazine
Hope Thompson, Breakaway Roper. Photo courtesy WCRA .……

With the WCRA (World Champions Rodeo Alliance) and PBR (Professional Bull Riders) teaming up to bring the world of rodeo an event unlike any other, there is going to be a monumental focus on breakaway during the month of November. 

As a first-of-its-kind world championship, the Women’s Rodeo World Championship, proudly sponsored by COWGIRL Magazine, is going to be bringing the heat from some of the best cowgirls in the world. From seasoned professionals such as, Hope Thompson, JJ Hampton and Kelsie Chace, to young rising stars like Josie Conner, the pressure and excitement will be one for the record books.

Listen to the one and only Hope Thompson about what it means to have a rodeo of this caliber, exclusively for women (especially women ropers):


Not entirely sure what the breakaway roping rules will consist of at the first ever Women’s Rodeo World Championship? We are here to help! 

WCRA breakaway roping rules for the Women’s Rodeo World Championship:

  • The only legal catch will be Bell Collar- defined as passing over the animal’s head and nose completely, thus being around ONLY the neck of the calf. NO appendages are allowed to be within the loop, meaning NO legs or tail.
  • The athletes rope must be tied to saddle horn with string approved by the WRWC and have a colorful cloth attached to the rope at the saddle horn. Penalty for misplacement of the handkerchief or string will be disqualification by the line Judge; no coils or knots allowed between the end of rope and string.
  • One loop only will be permitted. A dropped loop is considered a thrown loop. Should the athlete miss her calf with the eligible loop, the athlete will receive a “no time” for that particular run.
  • The Judge will flag the athlete when the rope breaks away from the saddle horn and time will be recorded by the official time keeper of that event. The athlete must be on her horse when field official drops the flag signaling to the time keep to stop the clock.
  • There will be 10 seconds added to the athletes time should she break the barrier (meaning she left the box prior to giving the calf the designated fair start).

With this being a $750,000 event paying equal money in all disciplines. The breakaway contestants will all be on their “A” game, with the hopes of a shot at big time money and the honors of being crowned one of the first (of 4) Women’s Rodeo World Champions, high on their minds! 

Interested in how you can attend this on of a kind event? We’ve got all the details for you!

The 2020 Women’s Rodeo World Championship will be hosted November 8-12 (qualifying rounds) at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

The final six from each of the four disciplines will be competing at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas alongside the PBR World Finals in the Championship Round November 13-15.

At the end of the event, a new champion in each individual discipline (breakaway, team roping and barrel racing) will be crowned.

But the excitement doesn’t stop with just the individual discipline champions. In addition, an All-Around-Champion will be crowned at the conclusion of the event.

Will you be there to witness history?