While jeans, a western riding shirt, and a cowboy hat are what cowgirls wear to ride, this has not always been the case. Take a look back through the years at what women used to wear when riding horses. It’s incredible how much riding apparel has evolved since the days of old! Who else has trouble imagining riding in a full skirt?

Speaking of full skirts, the look above was the norm for years. Ladies rode sidesaddle in full skirts in Europe for centuries. Naturally, this became the expected way for ladies to dress when riding.

This look became popular during the early 1900s, and consisted of Victorian gauntlets, a split riding skirt, and boots. Notice the dramatic hat change from the look above.

Some cowgirls from the early 1900s decided that even a split riding skirt was too restricting, and opted for pants instead.

A considerable shift happened shortly after the last picture, which resulted in cowgirls dressing in jeans and western shirts by the 1950s.

Another photo from the 1950s, this was included because it’s too stinkin’ cute!

By the 1970s, the cowgirl style as we know it was alive and well.

Long live, cowgirls! While our style has changed overtime, our work ethic, love for horses, and passion to succeed has not.