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Hailey Kinsel, photography by Kirstie Marie Photography.……

On Instagram this week, Western women have been taking part in a challenge revolving around the hashtag #WomenSupportingWomen, in which women post black and white photos of themselves in which they feel confident and then tag other women to do the same.

When one woman accepts another’s Women Supporting Women Challenge (also called the Women Empowerment Challenge), it’s customary to caption “Challenge accepted” along with the Instagram handle of the woman or women who challenged her.

In the Western industry, many of the COWGIRL 30 Under 30 2020 have taken part in the challenge, including Hailey Kinsel, Paige Stout, Fallon Wentz, Alexis Bloomer, and Kirstie Jones.

The nature of the challenge (tagging others to participate) leads to long chains of empowered women. For example, Loni Kay Lester, Emma Victoria Zarnetski, and Jenn Pontz challenged Hailey Kinsel, who then challenged Alexis Bloomer, Montana Wilkinson, and Kirstie Jones. Oof! That’s a mouthful.


Another very fun chain: CaroHobby to Sarah Best McCoy to Katie Perschbacher to Paige Stout to Fallon Wentz.


The hashtag #WomenSupportingWomen has over 7.3 million posts on Instagram, and it’s still growing. That’s a lot of support among females.

The trend is even making its way onto other social platforms. Jackie Crawford accepted the challenge on Facebook.

And the best part? It’s women from all walks of life in the Western industry. Rodeo wives, mothers, athletes, artists, businesswomen… #WomenSupportingWomen has no boundaries.

To take part in the challenge, just post a photo of yourself in black and white, hashtag #WomenSupportingWomen, and then challenge another woman to follow along. Keep the chain going; we could all use some support nowadays.