“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Wonderwest’s latest lookbook, “Living in La La Land,” takes Alice in Wonderland into the West.

The lookbook follows Alice on her journey through Wonderland—featuring some of the story’s most iconic scenes—all told through fashion, sets, photography, and photo editing.

We start with a representation of a woeful Alice in her home, including a shot of her laying on stairs.

Soon, we start to see Alice’s journey into Wonderland with the White Rabbit and some psychedelic stairs.

The Queen of Hearts and her roses even make a colorful appearance.

And, of course, the Mad Tea Party begins, with Alice in a modern-Western version of her most well-known outfit.

Boot Barn Creative Director and Wonderwest Founder Isha Nicole shared some shots from the lookbook on Instagram. “LIVING IN LA LA LAND – Because life is only as beautiful and absurd as you make it,” she wrote.

See the full lookbook here.