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Fall In Love With These Wooden Horse Barns

Traditional and rustic, wooden barns are something special!

January 07, 2020

Big wooden barns are a true representation of traditional American farmsteads. They have a long history of holding horses, cattle, and machinery. Nowadays, barns crafted of wood come in many designs and finishes. Some are more modern, while others are rustic and well-worn. They offer a special beauty that metal and vinyl siding just can’t touch. If you’re a fan, then check out this inspiration!

PC: Smith Fork Ranch

PC: Vermont Timber Works

PC: GB Timber Frames

PC: B&D Builders

PC: Marvelous Pole Barn Homes

From board and batten to smooth, finished sides, there are plenty of options when constructing a wooden barn. Many choose to leave the wood a natural finish, while others embrace darker shades or even paint colors like white. You can also add accents, such as stone trim around the foundation!

Those that opt for wooden interiors can go all out! Your beams, stall fronts, and barn doors can be constructed of wood.

What do you think… Are wooden barns a yes or no?

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