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Courtesy of Hailey Kinsel……

Hailey Kinsel shared a word of advice for young girls everywhere and we couldn’t agree more. Read it below!

“Just on my heart lately to share…

To the young girls:
Sometimes when i walk into a room, i still have to check myself at the door and say, “Just be yourself and they’ll love you, or they won’t and that’s ok too.”
Confidence isn’t a switch that turns on and stays on at a certain age or point in your life.
It doesn’t stem from accomplishments, no matter what you do it won’t feel like “enough,” and it won’t be enough to everyone.
Learn to derive your confidence from
The natural abilities you possess
The good intentions you act on
The work you know you’ve put in
The progress you’ve made
The One who made you, “you”… and in the end, Whose sole opinion and approval matters.” -Hailey Kinsel

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