Sage Kimzey words of wisdom cowgirl magazine

Words of wisdom from Sage Kimzey:

Dear Youth Rodeo Athletes, As you start NHSRA’s NJHRA finals this week, I want to wish you the best of luck. I also want to encourage you to not limit yourself to one event, but rather get involved as much as you can. At this age, you have free range to explore the incredible events that make up our sport. I feel to truly respect the industry, you have to get involved. NJHRA is one of the many organizations that I contribute my speaking and leadership qualities too. I feel like today, we see so many people miss out on the joy of youth rodeo because they feel that they have to pick one thing. If you have the opportunity, try it all. At this age, you are free to have fun with it- that is what made me fall in love with the sport in the first place. To your parents, thank you for getting your child involved in the sport and all the countless hours and long hauls. You’re setting them up to learn responsibility, accountability, patriotism and trust. Personally, I don’t believe any other sport instills a sense of personal responsibility like our sport does. I encourage you to enjoy this week and do your best.

I’m cheering for you,

Sage Kimzey

6X World Champion Bull Rider

Former NJHRA President

Former Bull Riding and Goat Tying National Qualifier

P.S. I didn’t win either event and I wasn’t the strongest competitor at all but at this age, there are a lot more impressionable qualities that come from the process Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t win, but rather, feel encouraged that you had the courage to try.