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She calls herself a “lifting amateur” on Instagram, but we’re not sure if we buy it. Fallon Taylor has been posting her workouts on the social platform to inspire others, and they’re pretty great. She’s busting her booty with some awesome workouts that anyone can try!

Fallon has posted a week’s worth of workouts so far, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight (thank goodness). Combine exercises from her different workout posts and you’ll have a full-body workout. Or, if you’d rather focus on a specific muscle group, Fallon separated her exercises to make it easier to target certain parts of your body.

We love a woman who wants to share her happiness and health with the world. Plus, her gym gear is totally bomb.

Get ready for a week of working out with Fallon Taylor!

Day 1: Legs & Abs

Day 2: Back & Shoulders

Day 3: Lower Body

Day 4: Chest & Triceps

Day 5: Legs & Abs, Part II

Grab your leggings and some Ariat tennis shoes and kick it into high gear, baby! You’re about to feel the burn in the best way.