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Photo by: The Show Closet……

Wool is great at wicking away moisture! Saddle pads woven with this natural material are perfect for keeping your horse cool. They also come in beautiful and unique designs. Most are a blend of a few colors, though you can find them in solid hues too. Get the best of both worlds- comfort and looks!

Western Show Pad, $99.00, TheShowCloset

This gorgeous pad is handmade with high-quality wool. It conforms to your horse’s unique shape, while wicking away sweat. The gold and green colors really top it off!

Horse Saddle Blanket/Pad, $90.00, BLANKETSHUB

This pad has a flashy look with its glistening silver and gold yarns.

Merino Mohair Pad, $325.98, MyMadcoW

Wow! How striking is this one? The earthy tones and unique pattern are sure to catch your eye. This pad is handmade and has a breathable felt bottom.

Classic Equine Classic Saddle Pad, $129.99, X Factor Roping

Another eye-catching example with earthy tones! This pad has fawn, cream, and red tones. It measures 34 by 38 inches.

Mustang Arrowhead Pad, $171.05, Horse.com

A felt bottom and hand sewn wool top make this option ideal for hardworking horses. The top grain wear leathers are also a nice feature.

Once you try a wool saddle pad, you’ll never go back to synthetic materials!