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Wrangler Outerwear To Pick Up ASAP

You'll definitely want to add these to your closet before spring hits!

January 13, 2020

We’ve still got a couple months of chilly weather, and Wrangler outerwear is for any occasion this season.

Of course, the classic Wrangler denim jacket will never go out of style, but the new Wrangler outerwear items are just what your closet is begging for.

Sherpa is always a good idea, especially because it’s so on-trend this season! Add a Wrangler sherpa jacket to your closet and stay cozy all winter long.

On the days you don’t want to go full sherpa, try this piece of Wrangler outerwear on for size! A little sherpa goes a long way.

While you’re shopping, you might as well grab something for your honey, like a light denim shirt. Bonus: as spring gets closer, you can borrow it to add a light layer to your look! you’re welcome.

Give your outerwear collection a makeover. Shop these styles and more at!


Cowgirl Hotlist

Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!