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Wrangler’s expansion into modern styles means there’s even more to love! Wrangler Premium offers a variety of modern trends for the contemporary cowgirl.

At Cowboy Christmas 2019, the COWGIRL team spoke with Holly Wheeler, Director of Marketing for Wrangler North America, about the new products in the Wrangler Premium line and the modern trends in the Western world.

“It’s sort of a new and energetic way for the brand to show up,” said Holly of the Wrangler Premium line. “Really, Western is at the heart of everything that we do. That is the heart and soul of the brand. This Premium line is a new expression.”

So, why expand into modern styles? “Our girl was there,” explained Wheeler.  “Our core girl, who is riding and working, but also wants a fashion moment. She wants the quality and the heritage and the value of the brand that she knows, but she wants to make sure she’s getting that latest fashion look and style.”

In the past few years, the lines between contemporary and Western have been blurring, and Wrangler noticed. “People want to feel like they’re a part of something,” she said, “and the Western lifestyle is so strong. It’s welcoming, and it’s about community, and it’s about value, and it is about fashion.”

Wheeler emphasized that Wrangler Premium is an extension of the Wrangler brand rather than an overall shift to modern styles, so don’t worry; the Wrangler western wear that you know and love is here to stay!

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