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You read that right. Wrangler is adding smartwatches to its watch line with Paradox!

“We’re really, really excited,” said Wrangler Watches Executive Director Mark Schatten. “We started kicking the idea around because the category is so hot and has been for a couple odd years. When we went to a couple rodeos last year, the concept really started to take shape. I saw a lot of people walking around–men and women–with the same watch with no design–plain. I brought the idea back and said to our designer, ‘Why don’t we do something special? Why don’t we do it for the western lifestyle?'”

And that’s exactly what they did. When asked about the feature he’s most excited about, Mark had an easy answer:

“The design. Everyone we talked to says we’re hitting the true western look.”

Wrangler Smartwatches will be available in three series and 36 different design options in those series. The first series starts at just $89.95–significantly less expensive than your standard smartwatch–and features a round bezel design with western etching. Series 2 is a rectangular design with two etching options and retails at $115. The third series has an MSRP of $135 and features a round bezel.

Each option is able to be customized with varying straps to fit each wearer’s style. Different strap designs and colors create a wide range of appearances. One strap option even features the rivets from Wrangler denim!

“We chose Horween Leather for the straps,” notes Mark. “It’s a great company for what we’re putting together. The interesting story for us is that they’re the company that provides the leather for all NFL and NCAA footballs and NBA basketballs.”

In addition to the sophisticated design elements, Wrangler Smartwatches have some amazing tech features that rival FitBit and Apple Watches. Wrangler Smartwatches are compatible with both iOS and Android and offer fitness and health tracking (distance, steps, calories burned, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate). Wearers are able to view notifications from their phone and even control their music on the Smartwatches.

When the watches arrive in stores, retail displays will mirror other technological shopping experiences; customers will be able to touch and try out the watches in stores.

Learn more about Paradox and Wrangler Smartwatches at paradoxfwc.com.