wrangler willow ultimate riding jean cowgirl magazine

So much thought and preparation has gone into the Wrangler Ultimate Riding Jean Willow. Wrangler’s existing Ultimate Riding Jean fits have changed the game for cowgirls, and the Willow is pushing the envelope even further.

Wrangler’s Ultimate Riding Jean is characterized by several saddle-ready design elements, including a smooth inseam to prevent chafing, the perfect rise, and a waistband that will keep a shirt tucked in.

“The Willow has all of those attributes… with just a few new ones that make it even better,” said VF Jeanswear Marketing Manager Robin Rich. Robin, along with Wrangler Design Manager Teresa An, teased the Willow back in February before the its release, giving COWGIRL a hint at its exciting new features.

Teresa An emphasized the Willow’s “great new rise in the front and back, so it has lot of great coverage in the back and the seat.” The jean is equipped with a No Gap Waistband, which sits higher in the back and lower in the front, ensuring no shirt-tuck snafus.

Along with the updated waistband, each Willow jean is made from elevated fabric with stretch recovery, allowing it to hold its shape. Rather than stretching and bagging out during a ride, the Willow is able to bounce back. “It’s kind of like a ride and wear out after kind of jean too, so she’s able to be really versatile in them as well,” said Teresa.

Robin and Teresa’s described the Willow in great detail to the editors of COWGIRL, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on the jeans themselves.

The Willow has appeared in several issues of COWGIRL this year, being featured on Mesa Pate for May/June 2019 and model Nicole Zuelke for July/August.

With autumn rides almost upon us, the Willow jean is simply a must-have. As of August 2019, it comes in two washes, both perfect for a thrilling day in the saddle.