Cassie Coane, Shayna Goldberg, and the author all wearing the Wrangler pant. Photo: Courtesy of the …

Wrangler’s Wrancher Dress Jean is going global. This pair of pants is being styled to the nines by fashion editors and bloggers galore.

The Wrancher Dress Jean was made to be a men’s pant, but some powerful women weren’t afraid to experiment and made the pant their own. It can be dressed up or down, it comes in a ton of different colors, and its straight-leg, high-waisted fit is all the rage right now!

But don’t take our word for it. This pant style was all over fashion week streets and runways:

Ruby Redstone and Manrepeller.

What do you think of this jean? Would you add it to your closet, or do you prefer some traditional Wranglers?

If you’re in the mood to branch out, here’s the link to the Wrancher Dress Jean.