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Hold the phone, this is the collab we’ve been needing in our lives! Two of our favorite lifestyle clothing bands have come together to create showstopping pieces. These pieces combine unique and beautiful patterns from Pendleton Woolen Mills and quality staples from Wrangler Denim. This is a collection you won’t want to miss out on!

Cowboy Cut Jean in Dark Wash

$169.00 at Wrangler

Cowboy Cut Jeans have been a wardrobe staple for decades, and this trendy spin on the classic cut just became one of our favs. This new twist on the classic cut incorporates Pendelton Wool on the pockets, giving you the perfect level of functionality and fashion-forward flair.

Trouser Jean in Dark Wash

$199.00 at Wrangler

Wow, this denim has left us speechless! This collab is genuinely elite, from the intricate Pendleton Wool details to the dark-flared denim. This piece is sure to be a timeless fashion-lovers favorite!

Red Sherpa Jacket

$499.00 at Wrangler

Step out in style this season with the Wrangler x Pendleton sherpa bomber to keep you warm. Woven at the one and only Pendleton Wollen Mills, this jacket is crafted from quality wool and designed to keep you warm and stylish. This is a timeless piece you will certainly want to add to your collection!

To view the entire Wrangler x Pendelton collection, visit Wrangler’s site!