How many bracelets can you fit on one arm? The struggle is real, y’all. As western fashionistas, it’s all about seeing who can sport the most arm candy. Layering on silver, copper, leather and turquoise is our game. A fun way to wear your fancy pants jewelry is to layer it with wrap bracelets. If you’re like, “what in the hell is a wrap bracelet?” It’s not rocket science. They are simply bracelets that wrap around your wrist multiple times. They make it look like you’re rocking several bracelets while only wearing one. Easy enough and stylish as all get out. 

Most of these bracelets are super light weight, which is an important factor in determining how many bracelets your arm can bare to lift for the next rodeo. So layer it up. The more the merrier! 

Pictured above: Leather bangles by Allie Falcon Communications


Shashi Jane Wire Wrap Bracelet


Cracked Turquosie Gia Wrap Bracelet


Bangor Born Free Wrap Bracelet


Jessica Cushman Monogram Seal Wrap Bracelet


Victoria Regina Wrap Bracelet


Bindy Navajo Seed Bead Wrap Bracelet


Pancea Studded Leather and Turquoise Bracelet