Photos courtesy of @jada_trosper on Instagram……

Lao Tzu said it best, “watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits.” This is exactly what Jada Trosper did! 

Just like parents leave notes in their kid’s lunchboxes, her mom writes words on her flair strips!

Her mom started it as a surprise. “On my sixteenth birthday, my family and I were in Corpus Christi, TX for the WCRA Finals. My mom wrote on the Flair Strip, ‘Happy Sweet 16 Jada! God is so good!’ From that moment on it became tradition for my horses to have a message on the strips. My parents will come up with a motivational quote, a sweet bible verse, or sometimes even an inside joke we share and write it down for its one time use,” explains Jada. 

She has even seen others inspired to do the same, saying, “ Everyone has loved this idea! I have started to see several girls writing messages on the Flair Strips. Sometimes they will write the same messages which makes my heart happy to see a chain reaction of positivity.” 

Her most recent quote said, “Don’t say I can’t… I will!” which she says “speaks both ways for my horse and myself.” 

She views “the quote as a reminder to believe in myself. I have always struggled with believing in myself and my worth. Seven has helped me grow through several aspects of life, but my biggest take away is that mindset is key to success. There’s no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Never underestimate the little man!”

Seven, aka Sun N Sevens, wasn’t always believed to be a champion. “Sun N Sevens was brought to me by an amazing woman named Shelby West. Before I tried him, several other women did and they loved him, however, they were not sure he would be able to compete due to his size. Seven stands strong at 13 2 hands.” 

Yet, after falling instantly falling in love, the pair quickly disproved the previous beliefs. In a year and a half of ownership, “I was able to make a dream of mine come true and compete at the AT&T Stadium. I was the youngest competitor for the 2020 Women’s Rodeo World Championship Finals held in conjunction with the PBR.”

That was just the beginning, they were also able to compete in “major shows such as the 2020 AQHYA World Show, 2020 All-In Barrel Race, 2021 WCRA Finals, 2021 Jr. American, 2021 Patriot Event, 2021 American Semis, 2021 Texas High School Rodeo Association State Champion Barrel Race, and many more.”

In the end, Jada remarks, “there’s no doubt my little man proved to never judge a book by its cover.” 

Perhaps, that might be what her next flair strip says!