Horse Movies
Horse Movies
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You love to watch them, but cringe when they get it oh so wrong! Horse movies have a habit of portraying details very inaccurately sometimes. Most horse lovers just can’t help but point out all the ridiculous errors. Your non-equestrian friends may not even notice, but the horse world definitely does!

1. Galloping all the time: Movies sure love to gallop horses. In reality, most riders also know a walk, trot, and canter. I guess they forgot about all of the other gaits that horses can do.

2. The dramatic rear: It may look fierce on film, but in normal life that means you have a training problem.

3. Constant whinnying: Is your horse that loud? Mine isn’t. Horses are actually pretty quiet animals.

4. Laying down when sick: Sure, if your horse is suffering from colic they may lay down, but the goal is to get them up and standing. The movies have a habit of showing sick or dying horses laying down.

5. Mouth gaping & head shaking: You must know what I mean…those western films really nail this one! The look of terror in the horse’s eyes as the cowboy yanks their head all around. Equestrians definitely don’t ride like this…or shouldn’t be!

What are some details you notice that equestrian flicks always get wrong? I could list a million more!

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