Have some fun with your horse’s tack by adding some yellow to the mix. It’s a great neutral color for mares and geldings. Spring and summer are the best time to pull out this cheerful color, but really any season will work.

Western Bridle, $30; Two Horse Tack (Pictured Above)

Almost any horse could pull off this simple, but high-quality bridle. It’s made from that cool beta bioThane material. It’ll last forever and be super easy to clean.

Western Barrel Reins, $17.99; Walmart.

Great for trail riding, barrel racing, or general everyday riding! The snaps clip to your horse’s headstall, and then you’re ready to go. The yellow matches nicely with the black.

Western Saddle Pad, $60.30; Lucky Pony.

Don’t start your ride without adding a bright saddle pad like this one! The yellow and black hit it off again. This pad is one inch thick and 26″ x 26″.

Prodigy Patterned Athletic Boots, $49.99; Jeffers Pet.

My favorite pick! These protective boots are such a neat color. They’re a sunburst of yellow, pink, and blue.


Fleece Padded Nylon Halter & Matching Lead, $23.99; Horse Loverz.

Don’t be left without a cute halter! This bright colored one will get you through the summer.

Shopping for horse tack is fun! Enjoy the warmer weather by adding some bright colors to your tack room.