Light colored horses with white manes and tails need extra care in the hair department. It seems inevitable that their mane and tail goes from white and beautiful to dingy and yellow quicker than you can blink. There’s a few grooming secrets you can try to keep things bright though!

Try These Tips

Keep stalls clean: If your horse is lying in a dirty stall, they’re likely to absorb natural stains. These can be tough to get out! Your best approach is to prevent them by picking your horse’s stall regularly.

Add a supplement: Consider adding flax seed in your horse’s diet. It promotes new hair growth and leaves it shiner than ever!

Bag it up: There are both mane and tail bags on the market. You can wrap up their white hair to prevent it from coming in contact with dirt and manure.

Use a detangler: Keep their mane and tail knot-free with the help of a detangler. This prevents dirt and debris from getting stuck.

Bluing shampoo: Many whitening shampoos on the market have some sort of bluing agent that tints the hair slightly. A standard laundry bluing soap like Mrs Stewarts Bluing is just as effective.

Washing: Shampoo and condition your horse’s hair at least once every 2 weeks. In colder months, consider using a bucket to wash the tail. Make sure to wash out the soaps thoroughly. They can irritate the skin and be a magnet for dirt.

Other helpful tricks: Some horse owners recommend dish detergent, bleach, ketchup, and vinegar. They use one of these products in combination with whitening shampoo and conditioner. Be careful some of these can dry out the hair.

The best practice is patience! A yellow mane and tail can take time and a lot of bathes before transforming.

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