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The Season 5 mid-season finale of Yellowstone brought the longstanding feud between Beth and Jamie Dutton to a head. With Jamie on a deadly path, fans have a wild theory about who his next victim might be.

In an interesting Reddit thread, one fan predicted, “Summer will be killed by Jamie’s hitman instead of Beth.”

The reasoning? The rest of the post contains an extremely plausible explanation. The user said, “Since Summer is living in the main house, I really think Jamie’s hitman will mistakenly kill her instead of Beth. That is the only reason I can see why she is in John’s house other than she is a convenient piece for John’s enjoyment now that the ex-Governor has moved on. I can’t see Beth getting killed just yet.”

“Oh, I could see that…” one Reddit user agreed. A second emphatically responded, “About bloody time.”

A third wrote, “I saw this theory floating around a couple weeks ago and I think you’re right!”

Jamie and Summer have not had any interactions since the Summer was introduced in Season 4. Another valid point was brought up: what is Yellowstone without Beth Dutton?

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