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Yellowstone returned for its much-anticipated Season 4 last night, and those of us who were impatiently waiting were not disappointed! The action-packed two-episode premiere event provided many answers to the cliffhanger ending of Season 3.

Fans waited in anticipation to learn the fates of John, Kayce, and Beth Dutton. The season picks up right where the last left off, and we soon learn all three Dutton family members have survived, but not without injury.

John Dutton has suffered extreme injuries that threaten his life, and he is transported to a hospital right off the get-go of the episode after Rip finds him on the roadside. Kayce fights his way out of his office, killing multiple gunmen who were attacking him. Beth then emerges from the office building where a package bomb has exploded, but fans don’t comprehend the horrifying extent of her injuries until later.

Monica and Tate, Kayce’s wife and son, also come under attack at the Dutton Ranch in the opening sequences of Season 4. Even though Monica has tried to shield Tate from the dark family legacy, he makes a choice that will alter his life forever by shooting one of the attackers in the kitchen with a rifle to save his mom’s life.

Kayce and a number of law enforcement officers end up in a firefight at the crossroads of a country road with the surviving attackers, who are attempting to flee in a van, and while they all appear to die in the fight, Kayce falls to the ground after taking a bullet in the chest.

The ranch hands who now wear the brand all rise to the occasion, defending the Dutton ranch by shooting and even hanging several of the gang of attackers. As Rip returns to the ranch to take stock of the devastating situation, he’s confronted with one more emotional blow as the dream cabin John Dutton gave him in Season 3 is up in flames.

That’s just in the opening minutes before the credits roll! The 13-minute story arc will surely go down as one of the most action-packed, tightly-written, and tightly-paced sequences in the history of episodic television.

So far the three Duttons whose lives were most directly threatened are alive, though two of them could still very readily not make it. Jimmy’s fate is still unclear after being thrown from a horse he should not have been riding. He has aggravated his previous neurological injuries and is barely functional, facing a long period of physical rehabilitation before he’s capable of even basic self-care. Though he has much to be thankful for, Jimmy has broken his word to John Dutton that he would not rodeo anymore, and he faces the consequences of that.

The relationship between Beth and Jamie Dutton has never been worse, as she fixates on him as the culprit behind the attacks. In a tense scene in his office, she warns him, “I’m going to kill you.”

This season is going to be insane! Who was behind the attacks? And who will be the next to die?