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Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton on the hit show Yellowstone, is adding music to his resume! After playing the youngest Dutton child for four seasons, we’re excited to see what’s in store for Kayce and his family in Season 5. After Sunday’s explosive season finale, we have a lot of questions that need answers!

Did you know that before his life on the Dutton Ranch in Montana, he was a drummer in a country band? He told Rolling Stone, “It was around that time when the alt-country thing was really going on. Wilco and Ryan Adams were really big then and we were kind of like that. I played guitar too and helped write songs for the band, so I got to be more than just the drummer. It was a cool experience.”

He’s got his eyes set on fully pursuing a music career in 2022. He’s working with Range Media Partners, the team behind Midland, and his Yellowstone co-star Ryan Bingham.

He also told Rolling Stone that the sense of quiet and isolation he’s experienced up in Montana will definitely be apparent in his writing. “This just happens to be what my life is right now,” he shares. “I’m driving a diesel truck on a highway with no one on it. That’s the feeling you get being here.”

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