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Photo courtesy of Stetson.……

While many fans may have been watching Yellowstone star Luke Grimes on Season 5 Episode 6 last night, the actor dropped something cool on social media too! In a post on Instagram, he shared a teaser of his new song titled, “No Horse To Ride.”

The moving number plays in the post with no pics. The only thing we see is a video of the music as Grimes’s unique and twangy voice sings the poignant lyrics.

The gorgeous tune starts with the singer singing about driving down a dark road along a “one-way highway.” It’s a brief glimpse into the song that sounds both uplifting and heartwrenching all at once. You know, the way any good country music ballad would sound.

Fans were loving the release, too. Many commented on the post very shortly after it hit social media. While Grimes does have a history with music, many only know him from his popular TV roles so this is a first for them.

Grimes isn’t the only star who has a music background! Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker, put on a concert at 6666 Ranch last year.