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Yellowstone kicked off the long-awaited season 5 with a major tragedy. And stars Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille are talking all about how it affects the show.

At the end of episode one, Monica Dutton was involved in a major car accident while in labor with her second child while on the way to the hospital. After making that a prominent storyline at the end of last season, the death of the baby was completely gut-wrenching, especially as fans were excited to see what should have come next for Kayce and Monica as parents of two. In fact, there was so much raw emotion during that segment of the episode, it’s quite possible some fans missed the major Easter egg where the onscreen couple’s elder son, Tate, revealed they decided to name their second son, John.

As we wait for the new episode of Yellowstone tomorrow, Asbille and Grimes spoke a little bit about the significance of that particular Easter egg.

In conversation with Taste of Country, Grimes says, “[John and Kayce] obviously have a storied relationship. There always seem to be these funny little moments where—like, for example, when Kayce’s talking to that wolf [in Season 4] and John finds him out there and he’s walking back. He just—the first time you’ve ever heard him say it, or have any sort of intimate anything—he says, ‘I love you, Dad,’ and he goes in the tent.”

This is prominent because it’s such a rare moment of affection between the two characters. Of that moment, and the moment where Tate reveals the name of his late brother, Grimes explains, “It’s so powerful when you don’t see it coming…I think [naming their son John] is just another one of those Easter eggs of, ‘I do love you, and our relationship might be hard…but you are my father and I do love you.’”

Kelsey Asbille didn’t offer any major insight about the Season 5 premiere. However, she did speak about the scene and the storyline broadly, revealing that the car crash and the overall plot surrounding the baby’s death was certainly the hardest of the season to film.

During the interview, she shared, “Going through [what] Monica goes through, I think you really wanna do that storyline justice.”

She also spoke about “all of the messy, human, complicated feelings that come with it.” The Yellowstone star remarked, “I think [series creator Taylor Sheridan] does a really good job of writing this arc for her.”

The last we saw of Monica and Kayce during the season premiere, the couple was mourning the loss of their child on the deck of their home. We empathized with Monica over the loss of her baby, the intimate scene piquing our curiosity about what comes next for them…

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