yeti fall collection cowgirl magazine

The 2021 Yeti fall collection is here!

The new Harvest, Highlands, and Sharptail Collections are inspired by the tastes, sights, and sounds we seek far from civilization.

Harvest Red: Canyon Red is on the brighter spectrum of a true “primary red”. And even though Harvest Red leans more on the dark end like Brick, Harvest has a brighter undertone making it lean more into the maroon family.  

Highlands Olive: Highlands Olive is greener compared to the original Olive. The original Olive had more neutral undertones, and Highlands offers a brighter take on the fan-favorite color.  

Sharptail Taupe: The previous Sand color has whiter undertones, and is much lighter compared to Sharptail Taupe. This new color is truer to Taupe, designed to feature darker, warmer tones. 

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