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Yonder Horse Founder, Liv Hustvedt. Photo by Tara Thatcher Photography.……

A lifelong passion for fine horsemanship, classic design, and respect for quality craftsmanship inspired Yonder Horse founder, Liv Hustvedt to create a line of colorful saddle pads and wild rags for horse enthusiasts who share her appreciation for timeless style and good gear.

A career over several decades developing decorative products for US retailers has sent Liv into artisan workshops around the globe. During her extensive travels she found a kinship and admiration for skilled artisans and weavers using age old techniques to produce gorgeous textiles one piece at a time.

“I longed to find a way to intersect the product development skills I’ve learned over the years with the cowgirl lifestyle I love. Our handwoven saddle blankets made from 100% wool form the cornerstone of our business and we’ve been thrilled with the positive response from our horse community. Our wild rags are all 100% silk and like our saddle pads each one is an original design.”

Liv cites her strong collaboration with Yonder Horse lead designer and fine artist, Jamie Kalvestran, as key to coming out with several new designs each year. “Jamie’s knowledge of textiles, skilled use of color and pattern are infused into all our products. We are expanding our line in 2021 to include more equestrian accessories and we can’t wait to bring them to market! “

Yonder Horse is honored to support the artisan cooperatives who produce their products. “Our makers are carrying on longstanding cultural traditions while making important economic contributions to their communities and we are very proud to be a part of that.”

For example, the Yonder Horse Oaxaca saddle pad collection is hand-loomed by a women’s cooperative in Teotitlan Del Valle, a weaving village in Mexico rich in history and renowned for using all natural dyes and 100% wool yarn. These extraordinary artisans blend each color by hand, using only treasures found in nature: leaves, nuts, bark, ashes, indigo, fruits and even bugs. Yes! The cochineal insect which lives on cactus leaves creates all shades of blush and berry!

“Our goal is to offer uniquely designed products for this amazing horse community and have fun in the process. A simple ambition we hope will help horse and rider look and feel a little more special too! ”