Western Aloha Shirts Cowgirl Magazine
All photos courtesy of westernaloha.com……

Dale Hope’s Western Aloha shirts aren’t just for men. A true wahine can take the shirt off a Hawaiian paniolo’s back and style it in many ways.

From the traditional half-pocket popovers, aloha dresses, and snap shirts with real coconut buttons, each western shirt opens up a sea of styles.

“You are only limited by your imagination.” – Western Aloha

1. Take it easy.

Just like the brand spirit, you can “take it easy” with a classic style. Roll up the sleeves, pop a collar, and hang a shaka while you’re at it!

2. Tie it up.

You might even hit the beach by quickly tying up the ends of the shirt into a cute knot or bow. How chic?! Whether it’s arena sand or beach sand, Aloha shirts are made for it.

3. Dress it up.

How about this look? A cowgirl’s go-to for dressing pieces up: let the shirt hang with a fashion belt and a good hat. A Charlie1Horse would be the most perfect addition!

There’s a lot to say about one clothing piece. Each vibrant pattern of the Western Aloha shirts tells a story.

It’s fun to read their “cowboy reasons” behind the pattern and design of each shirt.

Does Western Aloha make you want to plan your summer vacay in Hawaii yet? Don’t fret, you’ll only need to pack one of Hope’s shirts!