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There are some things in life that are timeless treasures, desired by cowgirls in all walks of life. Among such, the immensity and beauty of nature. What better way to appreciate the wide-open skies, bubbling creeks, floral blankets adorning hillsides, and kaleidoscopes of foliage than with a dream vacation to a dude ranch? Our curated list of some of the top cowgirl destinations from the Dude Ranchers’ Association is bound to have you planning your getaway of a lifetime.

Cherokee Park Ranch

Livermore, Colorado

Cherokee Park Ranch, Livermore, Colorado

Free your cowgirl spirit with an escape to America’s #1 Dude Ranch, according to USA Today. A Colorado staple since 1886, Cherokee Park Ranch is an all-inclusive experience nestled among the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape. Fill your day with everything from horseback rides to fly fishing, and the nights with square dancing, star gazing and so much more. Indulge in homestyle cookin’ and rest in the rustic lodge accommodations.

Want more information? 970-493-6522, Facebook, or www.cherokeeparkranch.com

C Lazy U Ranch

Granby, Colorado

C Lazy U Ranch, Granby, Colorado

Looking for luxury? Look no further than the C Lazy U Ranch. Filled with fine dining, lavish accommodations, award-winning spa services and more, this ranch experience is sure to leave you refreshed and revitalized, but still in touch with your inner cowgirl through trail rides and an array of outdoor activities.

Want more information? 970-887-3344, Facebook, or https://www.clazyu.com/

Blacktail Ranch

Wolf Creek, Montana

Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana

The best way to explore the outdoors is on horseback, and the endless landscape at Blacktail Ranch will allow you to wind your way through the beautiful countryside of Montana. Experience authentic hospitality, cozy accommodations and activity options for everyone to indulge in nature’s playground.

Want more information? 866-235-4330, Facebook, or http://blacktailranch.com/

CM Ranch

Dubois, Wyoming

CM Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming

Expansive land surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest and Fitzpatrick Wilderness, create an intimate setting for the CM Ranch. Filled with fun for the whole family, your days can be spent exploring on horseback, swimming in the cool blue water, biking and more. Unwind in the evenings with dancing, cookouts, cowboy poetry and music that fills the atmosphere with nostalgia.

Want more information? 307-455-2331, Facebook, or https://cmranch.com/

Creek Ranch

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Creek Ranch, New Mexico

The Wild West at its best can be found in a visit to Creek Ranch. The spirit of the cowgirl can be felt among the red desert landscape, the huge arroyos and canyons, iconic rolling tumble-weeds, panoramic scenery and wildlife inhabiting the surroundings. This working guest ranch provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to fulfill all your cherished dreams of the western lifestyle.

Want more information? 575-472-0472, Facebook, or https://www.creek-ranch.com/

Gros Ventre River Ranch

Kelly, Wyoming

Gros Ventre River Ranch, Kelly, Wyoming

Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Gros Ventre River Ranch is full of impeccable views and luxury indulgences, done the Western way. Explore Mother Nature at her finest with a wide variety of outdoor activities and then finish off the day with gourmet, family-style meals before retreating to the comfort of your historic cabin.

Want more information? 307-733-4138, Facebook, or https://www.grosventreriverranch.com/

R Lazy S Ranch

Teton Village, Wyoming

R Lazy S Ranch, Teton Village, Wyoming

Centered in the beautiful valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, R Lazy S Ranch provides all the crisp, fresh mountain air a cowgirl dreams of. Partake in all the invigorating activities the ranch offers, or simply relax and enjoy a scenic ride followed by an evening of propping your feet up and soaking in the sunset.

Want more information? 307-733-2655, Facebook, or https://rlazys.com/

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

Sandpoint, Idaho

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, Sandpoint, Idaho

A true encounter with the ranch experience, heritage, horsemanship, and spirit of the West can be found at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Sublime mountain views set the stage for a multitude of activities, intertwined with gourmet dining experiences for a unique and memorable getaway that is any cowgirl’s dream.

Want more information? 888-863-9066, Facebook, or https://westernpleasureranch.com/

For more information on the Dude Ranchers’ Association, call 307-587-2330 or visit https://duderanch.org/ and plan your dream cowgirl vacation today!

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