When Mustang Maddy isn’t working with horses, she’s training zebras! These wild animals are not your average pet. In fact, they are quite dangerous. This cowgirl hopes to show people how amazing zebras really are! She warns against keeping them in your backyard though.

Mustang Maddy, also known as Madison Shambaugh, is an accomplished trainer who values positive reinforcement and gentling methods. She focuses her attention on bringing awareness to wild horses.

Mustang Maddy & Her Zebras in Action

Training time with Zena and Zeus. Isn’t this amazing! Her relationship with these two is impressive.

Just out having a good, old time! It definitely isn’t easy working with wild and dangerous animals, but with patience you can accomplish a lot.

Teaching a zebra to roll on their back takes an incredible amount of trust. Mustang Maddy has to develop strong relationships with her animals.

How cute are these two!

Check out this video to see Mustang Maddy and Zena in action. Notice that she’s completely at liberty. Zena is actually choosing to work with her.

What do you think? Pretty amazing stuff!

Learn more about this impressive cowgirl at: Join The Journey Of Mustang Maddy!